What are the things Virtual Assistant do?

Nowadays internet has made a huge impact in our daily lives. Millions of people worldwide are using the Internet to share information, make new associations and communicate individuals for their businesses. But not everyone knows how to handle internet application in a proper way that’s why there are people who can share their ideas and help them to make it easier to understand and we called them “A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT”.

Man in home office using computer and smiling

What is Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant is a job that works on home while their Clients are outside the country.  VA do their jobs depend on their Clients tasks like if they want to make a Wordpress, Client will buy themes and then they will customize the WordPress with a theme that Client bought. Word Press is not easy to customize they have to think well and used their logic to figured out things to customize the blog site while the Client will request what blog site looks like and VA will do the rest.

Another interesting job of being Virtual Assistant is they handle Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and others. How does a VA manage a Social Media?  Some VA manages social media using Hootsuite to schedule their post and images that is interested and attractive to read it. They used their logical strategies on how they engage too many people to gain more followers, likes, connects and also it also helps the client to raise their rank in online business. 

Virtual Assistant is the helping hand of Client to increase their fame in the world of business. They’re just like an endless page of a book that we read and we learn things in a field of internet.

Wrote by: Jan Gerber P. Navarro




  1. Nice Jan… i hope to see more posts from you. Many thanks:)

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